Herbal Medicine And Acne

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Herbal medicines have been used for centuries in the treatment of lots of different illnesses and diseases. Herbal medicines are widely acknowledged as being reasonably safe and quite effective. That said, herbal medicines can be potent – using them incorrectly can make them just as dangerous as prescription meds. If you are unsure, you could always consult a herbal healer. Alternatively, ask you pharmacist or doctor about possible interactions between the herbal medicines and any other medications you are taking. Always let your doctor know what herbal medications you are using.

First up would be to make a cleanser for your skin. There are a couple of different options here. Calendula is extremely good for the skin. You could use a calendula cream with an aqueous base as a moisturizer. Calendula is great at reducing inflammation and promoting the healing and turnover of skin cells. To make a calendula cleanser, boil up the petals of a few calendula flowers in about 500ml water. If you cannot get the petals, you could use a tincture. You would then use a few drops of the tincture in a glass of water. Make it boiling water so that the alcohol in the tincture evaporates and allow to cool before applying.

Elder flowers are excellent for the skin, as are lavender, yarrow and alfalfa. Use a handful of fresh flowers (less if you are using dried) for every 500ml water used. Allow to boil for a little bit, cool, strain and use to cleanse your skin. Yarrow, lavender and alfalfa grow very easily and are undemanding plants. They work well in gardens of all sizes so you can have a steady supply of fresh herbs. Yarrow can actually be planted in order to improve poor soil. The elder tree also grows very easily but you do need a good deal of space – it becomes quite a large tree. For a good facial wash, infuse comfrey leaves and apply the water.

Some herbal medications can be taken internally to help with acne. One of the best herbs for combating acne is alfalfa. Grow it in the garden – it is a great crop to use when ground is lying fallow. It has an extensive root system and this helps to loosen clayey soils. Harvest leaves as necessary and then cut it down and work into the soil as a green manure. Can’t wait that long? Alfalfa is great for sprouting – you can have your own constant supply of fresh green sprouts that are full of nutrients and great for detoxifying the systems.

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